Complete Guide to Run CockroachDB on Kubernetes

Follow this step by step guide to deploy CockroachDB on Kubernetes.

Why CockroachDB on Kubernetes?

CockroachDB is a cloud-native SQL database that features both scalability and consistency. The database is designed to withstand data center failures by deploying multiple instances of symmetric nodes in a cluster consisting of several machines, disks, and data centers. Kubernetes’ built-in capabilities to scale and survive node failures as extended by Container Attached Storage make it well suited to orchestrate CockroachDB’s databases. CockroachDB can be used for SQL semantics & ACID consistency with Kubernetes.

Deploying CockroachDB on Kubernetes

1. Before starting
2. Preconfiguration
3. Getting Started with OpenEBS
4. Installing CockroachDB Operator
5. Accessing CockroachDB
6. Monitoring CockroachDB
7. Conclusion

CockroachDB Operators

Mayadata’s OpenEBS works well with any operator that helps to run CockroachDB on Kubernetes

CockroachDB Kubernetes Operator

CockroachDB Kubernetes Operator

The CockroachDB Kubernetes Operator deploys CockroachDB on a Kubernetes cluster. You can use the Operator to manage the configuration of a running CockroachDB cluster, including:

  • Authenticating certificates
  • Configuring resource requests and limits
  • Scaling the cluster
  • Performing a rolling upgrade

OpenEBS Dynamic LocalPV Benefits for CockroachDB

OpenEBS Dynamic LocalPV improves the operations of CockroachDB on Kubernetes. When compared to native Kubernetes Local Persistent Volumes, OpenEBS LocalPV volumes have the following advantages:

Simplicity and control

Simplicity and Control

CockroachDB is an inherently resilient database that does not benefit from the complexity and shared dependencies of shared storage and is a perfect fit for Container Attached Storage.

Dynamic Management of Storage Devices

Dynamic Management of Storage Devices

OpenEBS LocalPV automates Storage Devices, the tagging and filtering of these devices, and pooling and other configurations - dynamically, as needed by CockroachDB.

Holistic management

Holistic Management

OpenEBS is a widely deployed storage layer - and workflows such as capacity management and compliance reporting are simple to manage from common open source tools such as Grafana. Also, MayaData integrates and supports such workflows as a part of support for OpenEBS.

Useful CockroachDB Resources

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Enterprise Support

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