Accelerate your next data on Kubernetes project while reducing project risk by partnering with the experts at MayaData

Professional services are available to MayaData customers who are utilizing OpenEBS in their operations of stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

Getting started
  • Learn from experience
  • Run you workloads, and discover other cloud native workloads
  • Build standard operating procedures
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Operating your workloads

  • Go deeper with the workloads your users need
  • Adapt and characterize the operators,and storage, you need
  • Learn the care and feeding for these workloads
  • Scale out and up including capacity management
  • Upgrades of the workloads and your environment
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Operating your data layer

  • Experience how the use of OpenEBS Container Attached Storage can:
  • Increase efficiency, including the use of underlying cloud or physical storage
  • Decrease developer and data scientist frustration, through the control and isolation of CAS
  • Enhance performance, by reducing the unnecessary overhead of shared storage

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