Enterprise support & licensing

Talk to us for 24*7 support for OpenEBS from MayaData engineers to enable the use of Kubernetes itself as a data layer.

Enterprise Support

MayaData offers enterprise support which includes exclusive benefits. See the pricing below for more information.

  • service
  • Business
  • Standard
  • Community
  • Price

  • starting at$150per node / per month
  • $100per node / per month
  • Free
  • Support

  • 24*7 Direct web, email & phone support from MayaData Engineers
  • 8*5 Direct web & email support from MayaData Engineers
  • Community: Public Slack Channel
  • Indemnification

  • Operational Audit

  • 1/month
  • 1/quarter
  • Monitoring integration & customization

  • CKAs/CKADs/CKAs Assistance

  • Includes support of additional tools

  • Architecture Support

  • Dedicated Guidance
  • General Guidance

Why users choose OpenEBS support


Stateful K8s that Scales

OpenEBS is the fastest and most deployed open source container attached storage solution for Kubernetes. Enterprise support adds everything you need to run, monitor and fine tune wicked fast data workloads that scale.


Confidence and reliability

OpenEBS is used in production by thousands of users thanks to the vibrant community, many of whom have contributed useful patterns and improvements including users of Cassandra, CockroachDB, Yugabyte, PostgreSQL TiDB, Elasticsearch, Kafka and many other common workloads.


Time Saved

Prevent issues before they become incidents with the expertise of MayaData’s team of data on Kubernetes experts. Options include 24x7 augmented monitoring of your environment, ongoing operational audits and assistance, and more. We are here to help.

Enterprise Ready

Enterprise Ready

RBAC, Active Directory, team management, policy, compliance, and more! Data on Kubernetes needs all of these enterprise essentials. A subscription to Kubera delivers in a tidy package.

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