Kubernetes distros

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Whether you are running Rancher’s K3S or RKE, MayaData’s Kubera Propel can accelerate the performance of your workloads and Kubera Chaos can ensure workload resilience, all while retaining the portability and ease of use of Rancher for management.

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Kubera Propel (based on OpenEBS) is used on Red Hat’s OpenShift by workloads and teams that prefer Container Attached Storage to shared everything storage; common examples include Cassandra, Kafka, and PostgreSQL. Propel Chaos (based on Litmus Chaos) is the most popular open source chaos engineering product based on an open source CNCF project and can work closely with OpenShift Pipelines (Tekton).

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VMware Tanzu

Whatever your current or future flavor of VMware’s Tanzu, Kubera Propel (based on OpenEBS) and Kubera Chaos (based on Litmus Chaos) have you covered with the most popular Container Attached Storage and Kubernetes native chaos engineering.

Cloud and system providers

Kubera Propel - available from Volterra for their distributed cloud services

Kubera Propel has been selected by the global service provider Volterra as a foundation for their services. Kubera Propel’s high performance and resilient block storage supports the many offerings of Volterra, including Volt Stack and a widely adopted app delivery offering as well.


Workload Partners

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The most popular distributed database on Kubernetes.

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Add object storage with a great API to your cluster.

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Run event-driven workloads at the power of Kubernetes.

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Kubernetes is ready for Postgres, MariaDB, MySQL, and even MongoDB.

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