MayaData contribution to Open Source

Our Contribution to Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an example of the great good that open source can do. We mostly contribute to the persistent storage area.

Some of our contributions include:

  • Dynamic volume provisioner plugin
  • Volume snapshot plugin
  • Building the PV, PVC pieces of the Kube Dashboard
  • CSI plugin

Contributions to other open source projects

We are inclined to make contributions to the projects in the area of Cloud Native Storage. Weave Scope is one example. Below are some of the main contributions.

  • Node Disk Manager

    NDM allows Kubernetes to treat underlying storage media as objects for pooling, event management, service class selection,and more. NDM has been initially designed and will be upstream in Kubernetes and is available in OpenEBS starting with 0.7.

  • Windows Platform Development Kit (WPDK)

    The Windows Platform Development Kit (WPDK) enables applications based on the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) to build and run as native Windows executables, bringing the power and performance of NVMe and NVMe-oF to Windows. It provides header files and a lightweight library that implement the required POSIX/Linux functionality. Learn more

  • Weave Scope

    Weave Scope is the best tool we have found for visualizing Kubernetes resources. It provides unmatched ease of browsing of the most of the Kubernetes resource types. We have contributed to the visualization of storage resources such as PV, PVC, and storage classes to this project. We are thrilled to continue contributing.

  • Velero

    Certain capabilities of Kubera Director such as DMaaS - for data copy management, replication and migration - include integration with the widely deployed VMware Velero project. We have made a variety of improvements to Velero - such as separating snapshot and upload processes and improving the resilience of backups and enabling them to restart when they fail in process.