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ChaosNative launches to accelerate Litmus adoption in Enterprises

MayaData, a top 5 contributor of CNCF projects, announces a spin-off of Litmus as an independent company ChaosNative.

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Platform9 and MayaData announce partnership to optimize high-performance workload delivery with managed Kubernetes

MayaData and Platform9 today announced a collaboration for the deployment and operation of performance-sensitive stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

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MayaData launches Kubera Propel and Kubera Chaos

MayaData, a leading developer of open-source software for using Kubernetes as a data layer, announces the commercial availability of Kubera Propel and Kubera Chaos. Kubera Propel is based on the most popular open-source Container Attached Storage project, OpenEBS, which MayaData started and continues to lead.

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MayaData announces record growth in community adoption and revenues

MayaData today announced mid-year 2020 results, including 419% growth in adoption of the CNCF project OpenEBS and the inclusion of the LitmusChaos project into the CNCF. Additionally, MayaData products including Kubera - with capabilities that include per workload back-ups - have delivered over 400% growth in sales during the first half of 2020 compared to the first half of 2019.

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