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  • MayaData Data Agility Platform

    The MayaData Data Agility Platform - also known as MDAP - ties together the leading open source container attached storage, OpenEBS, with two complementary software solutions plus proactive support. The purpose of MDAP is to enable teams to easily deploy and operate stateful workloads on any Kubernetes deployment.

    Join our users using MDAP to get Data Agility Delivered to your stateful applications on Kubernetes

    Data Agility. Delivered

    Join our users using MDAP to get Data Agility Delivered to your stateful applications on Kubernetes




    Proactive support


    Leading container attached open source storage services to kubernetes

    • Run on kubernetes to deliver storage services to kubernetes workloads
    • Every team and workload has their own OpenEBS, fitting DevOps practices and Improving granularity
    • Runs any where - no kernel modification required
    • Limits cloud lock-in

    OpenEBS runs easily on any Kubernetes distribution. Additionally MayaData partners with many Kubernetes based solution providers including IBM, Rancher, Kontena, StackPointCloud, Red Hat and others to enhance and certify the integrations and in many cases to provide a single point of contact for end users.

    User quotes

    "The OpenEBS CAS offered by MayaData provides users with granular control over individual workloads... enabling non-storage administrators to manage storage effectively. Also, MayaData has already established a growing open source user community as well as multiple partnerships"

    Henry Baltazar, the 451 Group

    Widely Adopted use cases for OpenEBS include

    Cross availablility zone resilience when running on underlying cloud services

    Cloning and snapshots enabling, hundreds of developers or testing engineers to use their own version of a canonical data set

    Other improvements in resilience due to the use of replicas which provide near immediate access to data in the case of rescheduling of workloads. Simplified operations of promotheus, Elastic and other tooling of Kubernetes

    Reduction of cloud lock-in thanks to the use of OpenEBS as an extension to Kubernetes that itself is containerized and that runs in the user space, making it simple to move from one deployment to another


    MayaOnline is a software as a service solution that is free for basic usage to OpenEBS users. MayaOnline provides visibility and controls for the operation of OpenEBS based stateful workloads on Kubernetes. MayaOnline provides a graphical view to address common challenges in the management of stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

    MayaOnline Dashboard

    Manage underlying disks

    MayaOnline Dashboard

    Visibility from workload -> data

    Litmus - Chaos Engineering for K8s

    Litmus is an open source project for chaos engineering of stateful workloads on Kubernetes. Litmus uses Ansible and Kubernetes to simplify the creation and operation of chaos scenarios, such as node or network or other outages, as well as the collection of metrics from these induced events. Litmus can improve the resilience of stateful workloads by helping to ensure that many permutations of conditions have been proactively tested. The Litmus project was created and is largely led by MayaData, however, Litmus is not OpenEBS specific.



    Provides framework for chaos engineering - including running test suites, capturing logs, generating reports and helping perform chaos tests.


    Can be used in CI/CD pipelines for testing stateful workload.


    Test workloads are delivered as pre-configured containers, ready to use.


    Tests are written either in plain English (using godog) or in Ansible playbooks and interact with the Kubernetes cluster via kubectl

    Using Litmus framework in CI/CD pipeline

    Read More

    Browse Litmus on GitHub now!

    Proactive Support

    Part of the MDAP Subscription, Proactive support allows users to pay for support only for those nodes that are used for storage. MayaData helps to operate the MDAP platform to alert users before they perceive any issues whether those issues are caused by OpenEBS or not. For certain customers we have been asked to proactively resolve issues as well; we call this batteries included level of service "Premium". Condition alerts are shared via Slack - based ChatOps as well as via the MayaOnline interface and are also available via APIs and tracked via a ticketing system of record.

    MDAP Support

    Free Basic Enterprise Premium
    Support SLA None 8 x 5, 4 hours Response 24 x 7, 2 hours Response Proactive management & resolution
    MayaOnline Retention 7 days 30 Days 6 months 6 months
    Technical Account Manager None 1.5 Hours per quarter + 1.5 Hour kick off Bi-weekly stand-up + 15 Hours per quarter Flexible
    Support SLA None
    MayaOnline Retention 7 days
    Technical Account Manager None
    Support SLA 8 x 5, 4 hours Response
    MayaOnline Retention 30 Days
    Technical Account Manager 1.5 Hours per quarter + 1.5 Hour kick off
    Support SLA 24 x 7, 2 hours Response
    MayaOnline Retention 6 months
    Technical Account Manager Bi-weekly stand-up + 15 Hours per quarter
    Support SLA Proactive management & resolution
    MayaOnline Retention 6 months
    Technical Account Manager Flexible

    Please get in touch to know more.