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We at MayaData are eager to help you achieve data agility by running stateful workloads on Kubernetes, whether on premise or on one or more clouds.

The journey to data agility starts with you learning about OpenEBS and can continue with our team providing expertise in implementing and operating data operations on Kubernetes.

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Kubera simplifies the deployment and operations of Kubernetes as your data plane. Free for individual use. Try it now.

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We’d love to help you get familiar with Kubera. Want to take a look at Kubera for cross AZ resilience, for compliance reporting, for rolling upgrades of your data bases, or other use cases?

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If you are interested in contributing to OpenEBS - please join the OpenEBS slack in the Kubernetes Slack. If you’d like to get support directly from the builders of OpenEBS at MayaData, please register for Kubera - free for individual usage.