About MayaData

Data Agility means to us


Kubernetes Native

Runs in user space, no external plugin, module or dependency.

storage accelerates

Storage Accelerates

Every workload has its own storage. No I/O blender. Granular control.

utter simplicity

Utter Simplicity

The workload drives. The environment handles the details. It just works.

Freedom from cloud lock-in

Freedom from cloud lock-in

Move the workload across clouds, and the data follows. See & control cloud exposure.

Our work culture

People First

People First

People before deadlines. People before sales figures. When in doubt we seek to do what is best for each other and our users and community members.

Learn to listen

Learn to listen

We seek to out-listen our competition. We understand that anyone can understand most of the problems by researching it and thinking about it - but to delight customers requires understanding their stated and unstated needs.

We communicate

We communicate

In all things, we seek to be open. We use ChatOps and other systems to "over-communicate" internally. And to the extent possible, we share with the community our issues, plans, and even our concerns.

We embrace ownership

We embrace ownership

We want each team member to be a manager of one who doesn't need daily check-ins to achieve their goals.

We win

We win

We are confident in our abilities as a team to dramatically improve the experience of our users. We know that a proper focus and unrelenting effort will eventually get us recognized as one of the world's most useful companies. We know winners never quit, never blink, never back down from any challenge. And winners laugh a lot too.

Checkout our culture docs!

MayaData culture

Leadership Team

don williams

Don Williams



Jeffry Molanus



Kiran Mova

Chief Architect


Murat Karslioglu

VP of Products

Initially, Don joined as COO & transitioned to CEO to help MayaData scale in response to the rapidly increasing adoption of OpenEBS for stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

Don’s responsibilities include ensuring that every customer succeeds in their use of Kubernetes for data, with the assistance of OpenEBS and other MayaData software and services.

He has over 30 years of experience including engineering and operations executive leadership roles at Cisco, Skype, Polycom, and elsewhere. He led the Core Engineering for Skype’s successful exit to Microsoft for $8B and ran Global Central Software Engineering for Cisco.

Most recently, as EVP and Head of Worldwide Engineering for Polycom, Don led Collaboration Engineering, positioning the business for private equity purchase by Plantronics in 2018. Don drove the transformation of nine global sites, including Operations, Engineering Methodologies, and Communications, and increased hardware productivity 200%+ and software productivity 50%+.



evan powell

Evan Powell

Former CEO, MayaData

andrew randall

Andrew Randall

Principal PM, Microsoft

ryan granard

Ryan Granard

VP of Cloud Engineering, Upwork

frank slootman

Frank Slootman

Chairman and CEO, Snowflake

joseph sandoval

Joseph Sandoval

Cloud Platform Manager, Adobe

andrew mitry

Andrew Mitry

SRE Leadership, Google

Jay Kidd

Jay Kidd

Former CTO, Brocade and NetApp

Don Duet

Don Duet

CEO and co-founder, Concourse Labs

Ross Turk

Ross Turk

VP of Marketing, Datakin

Ranga Rangachari

Ranga Rangachari

Former VP & GM, Storage-Red Hat

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