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  • About MayaData

    At MayaData we drive data agility. As a team, we bring hundreds of years of experience building enterprise-class systems for automation, management, security and especially data storage.

    We believe that the best way to deliver storage and related services to containerized and cloud-native environments is with containerized and cloud-native architectures. This approach results in far greater "data agility" than prior methods.

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    Data Agility means to us

    MDAP enables teams to easily deploy and operate stateful workloads on any Kubernetes deployment.

    DevOps Autonomy

    DevOps team retain autonomy and control. Innovation happens in small teams moving fast.

    Storage accelerates

    Every workload has its own storage. No I/O blender. Granular control.

    Utter Simplicity

    The workload drives. The environment handle the details. It just works.

    Freedom from cloud lock-in

    Move the workload across clouds, and the data follows. See & Control cloud exposure.

    Our work culture

    We seek to live by our "PLOW" values

    Leadership Team

    evan powell

    Evan Powell


    Umasankar Mukkara


    Jeffry Molanus


    Kiran Mova


    Murat Karslioglu

    Phillippe Theriault

    Philippe Theriault

    Evan Powell

    Evan Powell


    Evan Powell has been founding CEO of three successful enterprise infrastructure software companies, Clarus Systems (RVBD), Nexenta Systems, and most recently StackStorm (BRCD).  

    As founding CEO of Nexenta Systems, he helped to reimagine the storage industry as one in which the value of software and freedom from vendor lock-in would predominate. Under his leadership Nexenta became the leader of the OpenStorage movement and the software defined storage sector, with thousands of customers and hundreds of millions of dollars of annual partner sales.

    As founding CEO of StackStorm, Evan helped to create the event driven automation category, building a vibrant open source community leveraging and improving upon approaches used by the largest operators such as Facebook.

    To relax away from work Evan runs Spartan races and tries to keep up with his family’s adventures.

    Umasankar Mukkara

    Umasankar Mukkara


    Umasankar Mukkara (Uma) has over 20 years of experience as a hands-on developer, architecting scalable products and building innovative teams. Uma led product development in the early days of MayaData (CloudByte). He has led multiple innovations in multi-tenant storage and has contributed to more than 10 patents. Prior to CloudByte, he has contributed significantly to the development of Access Management solutions and has a sound understanding of the cloud storage and security architecture.

    Uma also spends significant time in building chaos engineering practices in OpenEBS development eco-system, community engagement and partner eco-system development.

    Uma holds a Masters degree in Telecommunications and software engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from S.V.University, Tirupati, India.

    Jeffry Monalus

    Jeffry Molanus


    Jeffry prior to being CTO at MayaData has worked at several other startups in the storage industry. He worked on several scale out object storage products as well as traditional NAS and SAN storage solutions where he held technical leadership roles.

    At MayaData, his primary focus will be around making sure the product is flexible and scalable yet robust enough to be integrated seamlessly into modern day infrastructure where he believes, containers will have a dominant role.

    Jeffry holds a master degree in electrical engineering with a focus on distributed control engineering from the University Twente in the Netherlands. When he is not working with code, he practices martial arts.

    Kiran Mova

    Kiran Mova

    Chief Architect

    Kiran Mova is a Passionate Technologist with 17 years of extensive experience working for product companies like Cisco, Lucent, Novell. Kiran has led efforts in performance engineering, simplifying the products in terms of usability, operation and deployment complexities, introducing multi-tenancy and enabling SAAS services in domains like IP/Optical Networks, Storage and Access Management.

    At MayaData, Kiran leads overall architecture and is responsible for architecting, solution design and customer adoption of OpenEBS and related software. Kiran evangelizes open culture and open source execution models and is a lead maintainer and contributor of the OpenEBS project.

    Kiran holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Gulbarga University, Karnataka, India. When he is not programming or reading, he loves to travel, photography, blog and sketch.

    Murat Karslioglu

    Murat Karslioglu

    VP of Products

    Murat Karslioglu is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, and startup advisor with over 15 years of experience in storage, distributed systems, and enterprise hardware development.

    Prior to joining MayaData, Murat worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise / 3PAR Storage in various advanced development projects including storage file stack performance optimization and the storage management stack for HPE’s Hyper-converged solution. Before joining HPE, Murat led virtualization and OpenStack integration projects within the Nexenta CTO Office.

    Murat holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Sakarya University, Turkey, as well as a number of IT certifications. When he is not in his lab, he loves to travel, advise startups, and spend time with his family.

    Philippe Theriault

    Philippe Theriault

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Philippe has more than 20 years of experience building and managing global sales and marketing teams for startups as well as Fortune 500 businesses developing leading-edge technologies.

    Prior to joining MayaData, he occupied senior roles at IBM, Bell Canada, iWeb (acquired by Internap), eNovance (acquired by Red Hat) and few private equity firms. He spent the last years developing and expanding Red Hat’s cloud business where he has been involved with some of the most innovative organizations. Throughout the years, Philippe earned a reputation of being able to bridge high-level business transformation objectives with tactical technology initiatives, helping CxO to get the most of their Digital Transformation and DevOps initiatives.

    When he’s not traveling the world to meet MayaData’s customers and partners, he is developing his sommelier and chef skills for the delight of his family and friends.


    Andrew Randall
    Andrew Randall
    Tigera Inc.
    Jason Serda
    Jason Serda
    Group Services CTO,
    Dimension Data
    Ryan Granard
    Ryan Granard
    VP of Cloud Engineering,
    Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson
    Thomas International
    Joseph Sandoval
    Joseph Sandoval
    Cloud Platform Manager,
    Andrew Randall
    Narayan Sundareswaran
    Strategic Business Development,

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