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Don’t let an outdated data layer be your bottleneck. Run stateful workloads on Kubernetes, save money and move faster.

We lead the development of OpenEBS, the most popular, and fastest, open source storage for Kubernetes. Our customers receive 24x7 support for OpenEBS and for related software, enabling them to use Kubernetes itself as their data layer.


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What’s special about OpenEBS?

Application defined

Application defined

OpenEBS is the most popular example of Container Attached Storage. CAS provides per workload storage, increasing the granularity of control and reducing the blast radius as compared to shared everything storage.

Speed and efficiency

Speed and efficiency

Whether used for LocalPV or for replicated storage, OpenEBS can deliver much lower latency than shared storage while improving ease of use and efficiency as compared to simply using direct attached storage.

Confidence and reliability

Confidence and reliability

OpenEBS is used in production by thousands of users thanks to the vibrant community, many of whom have contributed useful patterns and improvements including users of Cassandra, Cockroach, Yugabyte, PostgreSQL TiDB, Elasticsearch, Kafka and many other common workloads.

Enterprise support and operations

Enterprise support and operations

MayaData customers include Bloomberg, Flipkart, Optoro and many others that use OpenEBS to run everything from analytics to ecommerce workloads. MayaData engineers assist customers in the use of Kubernetes as their data layer. Many options are available.

True cloud native storage

We’re flexible, scalable, and limit your blast radius. Run the best OpenEBS storage engine for each application, rather than applying an outdated “one size fits all” model for storage.

Easily connects with the tools you already use

OpenEBS is built on Kubernetes for Kubernetes. There’s no need to change your workflow or manifests. No need to change your environment, the standard K8s primitives are all Kubera needs.


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